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Announcing: Social media in a Flash (set of cards)

Social Media in a Flash (set of cards)

The Story of the Talking Web2.0 Monkey

by Lee Hopkins

You don't realise it yet, but in the next two minutes you'll begin to feel that you can get in front of your management and sell the benefits of social media to them. And have them believe in it (and YOU) too!

Here's my bet: I bet that a monkey could take the flash cards I've just created, put them in front of a manager and see that manager's eyes light up when he or she reads them.


The only condition is that the monkey needs to be able to speak.

So let's imagine that you've got a speaking monkey (every pet shop sells them) and you take the monkey into your manager's office, having booked a half-hour with them first.

You casually drop a cd case of flash cards face up onto the manager's desk; the title of the pack says it all: 'Social Media in a Flash (set of cards)'

The monkey opens up the cd case, takes out a card — any card — and lays it out in front of the manager. In this instance, the card the monkey has chosen says 'Life-enhancing' and has a picture of two chinese-style balls on it.

life enhancing

And that's all it says.

"So what?" says the confused manager.

Your speaking monkey merely reads the back of the flash card:

Today's under 30s require more from what we offer them.

Baby boomers:
"show me the money!"

Gen Y&Z:
"show me how this enhances my life"

fun and entertainingA tiny glint of recognition flitters across the manager's eyes. So the monkey draws another card randomly from the pack. This one says: 'Fun and entertainment' and has a clever picture of one man in two different poses.

Again the manager asks, "So what?"

The speaking monkey merely reads the back of the flash card:

Today's under 30s have grown up with digital playmates.

They can smell 'BS' a mile away and will run, laughing loudly, if you try and spread it.

Keep it fun and entertaining.

The manager is starting to get it. You are starting to feel a 'win' coming your way.

Then the monkey pulls out a third card. This time there are no words, just logos of names. Lots of them, names the manager has never heard of.


The manager looks up expectantly to the monkey, who doesn't disappoint.

People are flocking (and have been for years, but you never saw it) to websites where they can mix with people who share their passions.

What passions will you help share?

See how easy this is?

It doesn't matter if you pull the cards out one by one, or lay them all out and let the manager pick and choose which five cards 'speak' the loudest to them... whatever way YOU use them they work!

Here's a fact: Any man, woman, child or monkey can flip through these cards and find the material they need to help them lead their managers to the obvious conclusions:


1. Social Media is here now.

2. Social Media will not go away.

3. Social Media will play an ever-increasing role in your business and market.

4. Social Media will play that role at an ever-increasing rate.


More importantly, since YOU are smarter than any monkey, by the time you finish reading through these cards in the privacy of your own cubicle or lounge room, YOU will be able to take these cards and concepts and use them to hypnotically help your managers, clients, colleagues — whoever — reach these same conclusions that you reached ages ago.

I've been using them on a select test panel of clients and their response has been amazing. They loved the cards and how they explained what I passionately believed and understood in a way that they, too, could understand. They became converts!

But let me confess something: Naturally I'm very hesitant about giving away one of my best 'secret tools' to potential competitors. But I've listened as client after client bemoans how they see 'PR agency after PR agency' pitch to them about social media, but the PR company obviously don't 'feel the passion' and cannot communicate the benefits. I've listened as those clients tell me tales of wasted hours, frustration and disappointment.

So I figured that as there's only a certain number of hours in the day and an infinite number of potential clients, I can afford to be generous and offer this dynamite tool to a select band of smart communicators. So I'm releasing them as a limited editiononly 100 copies will be made available to purchase.

The question you have to ask yourself is: "Am I a smart communicator?" If you're not, then don't even consider buying this set — you're not ready for them! If you're not comfortable telling others about something you passionately believe in, then these cards are not for you.

But I'm guessing that you are able to use them, that YOU ARE a smart communicator.

After all, you've read this far, which proves you are ready for success, doesn't it?

Okay, so now you may be wondering what the pack contains and how you get it.

Here's the details:

The pack has 27 double-sided cards, printed onto quality paper stock (they need to be able to fit into a cd case, after all, and you don't want them to weigh a kilo, do you?), all enclosed within a cd jewel case.

You order them by clicking on the button below, which takes you off to my secure payment gateway site, where you enter your credit card details and have your card debited for $247.

When you enter your details you also enter the address that you want me to send the cards to and when the funds have cleared I send them there via air mail in a secure, bubble-wrapped package with a tax invoice so that you can claim them as an expense.


If you reside in Australia, your $247 includes GST, postage and packing; if you reside outside of Australia your tax-free component covers the cost of posting and packing overseas.

Think about it: you could either be bored with how your company or client communicates, or you could do something about it YOURSELF and earn the kudos (and money) that comes with being a leader.

You want to order it now, don't you? Go ahead... but be quick, there's only 100 sets for sale.

Kindest regards,

p.s. Each and every day that you go without this pack of cards you are going to feel more bored and frustrated, knowing that YOU could be helping make a real difference to how businesses communicate to their audiences.

p.p.s. If you are worried that I'm selling a load of 'BS' myself, consider this: I offer a 100% money-back guarantee, good for twelve months. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the cards, send them back to me and I'll refund you in full. Straight away. No questions asked.

p.p.p.s. Remember, I'm only giving away 100 of these sets. After the 100 have been sold there will be no more, I promise you, and you know how good the blogosphere can be in 'calling someone out'!

Order now — I have a feeling the 100 copies will be snapped up very quickly and this offer won't be around for long!


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Look, you don't have to believe me that these cards are good. But I'm hardly one to try and 'pull the wool over your eyes'. Here's what other folks are kindly saying about me:

“Lee was very entertaining and knowledgeable.  He demystified social media for me and he made me feel it IS possible.”
Kerry Sternbeck, Communications Manager, Australia Post

“His enthusiasm is infectious - exciting stuff!”
Marnie Pettifer, Strategy and Communications, AIG Life

“Excellent. A really fascinating insight from an engaging speaker.”
Michael Moore, Senior Manager Corporate Affairs, Bristol Myers Squibb

“A very difficult topic but it was explained in a fantastically simple way.”
Michael Cockburn, Senior Stakeholder & Communications Manager, VicRoads

“Lee is passionate about applying new technologies to help businesses improve their internal and external communications. He effortlessly shows how easily social media technology can be added to existing communications programs to deliver improved engagement, trust and alignment with company objectives.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Stuart Symons

“Lee's often irreverent, but always wise, insights into how to communicate better have become required reading for me. He calls himself a "consultant on online communication," but that's just modesty. "Expert consultant on communication, especially online" is how I describe him.”
Allan Jenkins

“As a fellow blogger, I always appreciate Lee's comments on the profession. His knowledge of strategic business communication is obvious in his thoughtful, creative and often amusing posts. When people ask me to recommend other communication blogs, I always point them Lee's way.”
Warren Bickford, ABC

“There's a reason Lee is widely recognized as an expert in online communications and social media -- he knows his stuff and is extremely adept at communicating his ideas with passion and humour. Having followed his blog and podcast, and having seen some of his writing-workshop materials, I can attest to his knowledge and competence in the field of communications.”
Donna Papacosta

“Lee is a genuine blog and podcast pioneer and innovator especially in the Australian business environment, I admire his detailed, thoughtful posting and the great segment he does for the PR podcast "For Immediate Release".”
Trevor Cook (read the White Paper Trevor and I wrote about Social Media)

“I've known Lee since early 2005 through his regular contributions to the twice-weekly business podcast I co-present. The communication topics he contributes add major value to our show, clearly demonstrating that Lee knows a lot about business communication. It's a great pleasure working with you, Lee!”
Neville Hobson

“Lee has been able to provide me with advice and strategies on more effectively communicating with clients that has been of great benefit to both me and my clients.”
Ben Hamilton

“I have intently viewed Lee's business with both a personal and professional interest. His regular online communication tools are always topical, intelligent and extremely useful. I have also been highly impressed by his MC and public presentation skills. Professional, clear thinking and a great innovator, I would recommend contacting him for any online communication projects.”
Keith Arnold

“Lee began commenting on my PR podcast; soon, his manner and expertise led him to become our first correspondent. I love Lee's podcast, another symbol of his deep well of knowledge. His blog reaffirms my belief that he's one of the best communication tacticians in Australia or anywhere else. I've already recommended him for speaking engagements and look forward to the day when we can work together.”
Shel Holtz, Owner, Holtz Communication + Technology

“Lee Hopkins has provided my business with wise and practical support in strategic planning, systems and communication strategies. His support has helped Effective to grow, taking the business to a new level.”
George Hallwood

"We found Lee to be highly competent in the areas he specialises in with the addition of understanding the commercial nature of a business and the driving forces behind achieving returns for stakeholders. He also has a solid knowledge of marketing involving the internet and has used this knowledge to develop our sites with the customer in mind. Lee is also a delight to have in a team as his enthusiasm is contagious and he truly believes and is passionate about his work."
Dominic Virgara, Director - Finance & Administration, Clements HR Consultants

"Lee has been invaluable to us. Not only has he helped us market our own business more effectively, but also helped our clients with their online brand positioning and marketing. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for his copywriting, site design & build and marketing skills."
Eric Priebe, Managing Director,

"I found Lee to be an excellent and effective facilitator and communicator, and an empathic listener. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any assignment that would use his considerable talents and would be pleased to provide additional information on request"
Chris Bell, SVP Global Sales, Adecco Inc

Affiliates: make 50%


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"Wow - what a presentation, it went so well, thank you very much! Fantastic job! "

"Lindy and Lee, you were both brilliant and I'm very thankful and pleased for your efforts, it was excellent. Thank you. "

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"While I only had the pleasure of actually meeting Lee face-to-face several months ago, I have been aware of him in conference programs and through feedback from one of my team members for a while. Lee has an amazing and unique skill for managing the new media to support business outcomes"

"Oz's best social network strategist"

"As for Local Royalty, you really are a Superstar among the bloggers and blogosphere!"

"Lee Hopkins, one of Australia's most respected social media experts"

"Lee was very entertaining and knowledgeable. He demystified social media for me and he made me feel it IS possible."

"His enthusiasm is infectious - exciting stuff!"

"Excellent. A really fascinating insight from an engaging speaker."

"A very difficult topic but it was explained in a fantastically simple way."

"The Walkleys relies on the good will of Australia’s talented communicators to make events like these happen and I can’t thank you enough for taking time out from your heavy schedule to make the convention such a memorable event."

"The workshop was very useful in that it enabled us to directly relate what we learnt in the seminar to our business. Lee was very easy to relate to and he presented all the information in a way that was simple to understand."

"Informative and engaging - gave good overview of new on-line technologies and how they can be applied to businesses. Particularly valued the opportunity to have a separate session to look at the specific needs and potential uses for my own business."

"Great to talk to someone who is expert in their field and passionate."

"The ability to interact one on one with Lee, as well as seeing new technologies and how they can be easily implemented into current business processes [was great]"

"Great. Lee was very engaging and presented info in easy to understand language and examples. Use of music, video, PowerPoint etc keep contents fun and educational. Great stuff!"

“Great! Even I could understand and appreciate the content. Excellent examples, wonderful presentation. I’m going back to share with my team. Thank you. "

“Lee was a great facilitator and his energy and passion for social media was evident."

“Excellent, enthusiastic presenter who is right into what he is talking about. Walking the talk. Just the right amount of info about the different topics. Not too geeky. Strong emphasis on how the tools can assist effective business communication. Relaxed friendly atmosphere. The workshop opened lots of doors, stimulating. I’m strongly encouraged to try things out. Many thanks.”

“Lee was great – knowledgeable, enthusiastic, generous in sharing his expertise. I liked the demonstrations."

"Great Workshop... helped me crystalise my thoughts on social media and now I feel ready to develop the strategy and make use of this great new medium"

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Why does employee communication matter?

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